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All about PostScript

This page will be a valuable resource telling people everything they need to know about PostScript, novice or expert. One day.

For now, I have pillaged some useful links to conceal the fact that I haven't written much yet.

The word PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems and their web page has information on that and their many other excellent products. Or, go straight to their PostScript page.


At the quite site

PostScript errors

It is hard to find out much about PostScript errors, so we've written something. It is aimed mostly at the non-programmer trying to print a file and getting PostScript errors. It includes details on what each PostScript error is likely to mean in a 'real world' problem.

Encapsulated PostScript

Thinking in PostScript

Thinking in PostScript is an important book about programming in PostScript. Now out of print, the author has made it available on http://www.rightbrain.com/ - just click on the Books link. The book is in Acrobat PDF format, and covers beginner to intermediate PostScript programming experience.

Other resources on the web

Aaron 'Wigs' Wigley has already gone to the trouble of compiling a list of Internet PostScript Resources, in more detail than I'll ever manage.

A useful work in progress than may also save me a good deal of trouble is A First Guide To PostScript.

The PostScript FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is full of answers, anda very comprehensive book list. At the end of this link is an FTP directory with the FAQ in a variety of formats and arrangements.

If you don't want to spend good money on PSAlter without seeing the opposition, why not try GhostScript?

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